• Donkey Kong Country, "Aquatic Ambience"

    A 3-hour playlist of relaxing SNES soundtracks

    Everything from Chrono Trigger to Donkey Kong Country features on this 3-hour SNES music YouTube playlist. ASMR didn’t exist in the 90s but new age music did. It’s a genre that gets a bad rep but if Enya made video game soundtracks, maybe they’d sound like some of these tracks. For all its technological advances, the SNES’s music is seriously underrated. Video game YouTuber SNES drunk compiled a playlist of “relaxing Super Nintendo Music” and it’s 3 hours of bliss. The usual suspects are there: Donkey Kong Country’s Aquatic Ambience and Chrono Trigger’s Secret of the Forest. But the opener comes from Waterworld, which is probably the highest accolade for…

  • Jessie's Wobbuffet

    Could you beat Pokémon Emerald with only a Wobbuffet?

    MahDryBread did a solo run with a Wobbuffet on Pokémon Emerald. Here’s how he did. If you’ve played Pokémon after Gen 2 or seen the anime, you’ll know Wobuffet. It’s a giant blue Pokémon with a soft body and a black tail with eyes. It’s also a gimmick Pokémon. Wobbuffet only learns four moves: Counter Destiny Bond Mirror Coat Safeguard No TMs, no HMs, and no tutored moves. It also has atrocious stats except for a huge HP stat. With that in mind, gamer and YouTuber MahDryBread went on a solo run with Wobbuffet on Pokémon Emerald. His ridiculous journey took him through Hoenn in Generation 3 as he tried…

  • sega genesis

    3 Sega Genesis Fighting Games I Played This Weekend

    One Saturday afternoon turned into hours of fun playing 3 different Sega Genesis fighting games. Besides arcades or SNK’s Neo Geo, fighting games were at their peak on the Sega Genesis in the early-to-mid 90s. Yesterday, I played 3 fighting games on my friend’s Sega Megadrive for most of the afternoon and it was awesome. It was the first time I’d played computer games for a prolonged time since another fateful afternoon fighting Misty in Pokémon Blue. However, this time I won fairly quickly. Eternal Champions Eternal Champions came out in 1993 as a way for Sega to get a piece of the fighting game pie. Street Fighter and Mortal…

  • Pokémon Infinite Fusion

    Pokémon Infinite Fusion – the ROM with 99,225 possible combos

    The Pokémon fusion memes going around might get a bigger boost with this 2015 ROM hack. In The Ghost of Maiden’s Peak (IL020), a Gastly created a Pokémon fusion that has stuck with me to this day: Venustoise. A Venusaur and a Blastoise combined. It has never featured in any official Pokémon or Nintendo media but it did spawn a multitude of fan-created fusions. Fast forward a few years and web developer Alex Onsager created a Pokemon Fusion generator, allowing fans to create their own unique combos. Venustoise lived on (even if the face looked less refined). In June 2019, a Tumblr user named ijustreallylikeeevee created a post offering a…

  • Sellout Video Games with Peanut Butter Gamer

    Sellout Video Games with Peanut Butter Gamer

    Product placements are one thing but plastering games with sponsors is another. In 1988, a film called Mac and Me was released to wide criticism. It flopped at the box office, critics panned it for its cheap imitations of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, and it won two Golden Raspberry Awards. It even has a 0% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. But one of the worst things about it was the obscene amount of product placements from McDonald’s and Coca-Cola. The fact MAC was the alien’s name as a poorly veiled nod to the fast food restaurant and Ronald McDonald made a cameo (earning him a Worst Star Golden Raspberry award) was…

  • Ipega PG 9087 Bluetooth Game Controller

    Create Your Own Retro Emulator Out Of An Old Device

    Got an old device lying around you don’t use? Why not turn it into a gaming device? Credit to Rebecca Finn who posted this awesome idea on The Retro Future Community page on Facebook. Although her original idea uses a phone, it can work on a tablet too. It’s also worth noting this is for Android only as iPhones would need to be jailbroken and you can’t install new firmware and OS’s in the same way. Get an old phone/tablet Perform a factory reset Register with a throwaway Gmail account Update the phone to the latest ROM (if you install LineageOS, you can skip Step 3) Update the apps you…

  • rival locke with leo

    The Funniest Pokémon Video I’ve Ever Seen (starring Leonardo DiCaprio)

    Well, sort of. You’ll see what I mean… (Spoiler warning: if you want to watch the whole series of Mr Talent and Shadypenguinn’s Rival Locke 4, don’t read this article.) I’ve been a big fan of the Rival Locke series since I discovered it in 2017. It helped me through some rough times and I’ve been watching ever since. The fourth series started a few months ago on Pokémon Black and White and finished last month with Mr Talent winning his third in a row. It was a tumultuous series for both players, with numerous resets and legendaries spoiling everyone’s fun. Let’s just say it was white out galore on…

  • Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes

    Why Marvel vs. Capcom Made Me Love Fighting Games

    The crossover arcade port wasn’t my first experience of fighting games but it was my favourite. The Gameboy was my first console. I didn’t get a video console until 2003 when I finally got a Nintendo 64. By then, it was already out of production for a year. I had to use it on my mum’s inherited black and white television and used that for the PS1 I bought that same year. Which brings me nicely to the point of this article. My friend had a PS2 and waxed lyrical about this game called Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes. I’d never played it but the title gave me…

  • Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask’

    Why You Should Play ‘The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask’

    Few games have considerably ramped up my anxiety levels in my time on this planet (nearly 30 years). In fact, so few have evoked this feeling that I have a hard time remembering them by name. That is, of course, aside from The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. Majora and I first crossed paths in spring 2000 (the same year Luke encountered Pokémon Silver) when it was originally released on the Nintendo 64. I know for sure that I pre-ordered a copy, being a huge Ocarina of Time fanboy, and I cherished the gold cartridge with its hologram artwork when I finally held it in my hands. Love soon turned…