• Pokémon Infinite Fusion

    Pokémon Infinite Fusion – the ROM with 99,225 possible combos

    The Pokémon fusion memes going around might get a bigger boost with this 2015 ROM hack. In The Ghost of Maiden’s Peak (IL020), a Gastly created a Pokémon fusion that has stuck with me to this day: Venustoise. A Venusaur and a Blastoise combined. It has never featured in any official Pokémon or Nintendo media but it did spawn a multitude of fan-created fusions. Fast forward a few years and web developer Alex Onsager created a Pokemon Fusion generator, allowing fans to create their own unique combos. Venustoise lived on (even if the face looked less refined). In June 2019, a Tumblr user named ijustreallylikeeevee created a post offering a…

  • Xbox

    Voxel9 Gets An Xbox Emulator Running On The Nintendo Switch

    A Xbox fan has installed the XQEMU Xbox emulator onto his Nintendo Switch. Nintendo are ready to launch another version of the Nintendo Switch this year but the original won’t be left in the digital dust. Hackers have worked on getting all kinds of emulators onto the system since a hardware-based exploit was discovered last year and now the Xbox joins the ranks. Voxel9, a “lover of all things Xbox and Vita stuff, as well as a game-dev hobbyist”, managed to compile the XQEMU and run it on his Nintendo Switch with Linux4Tegra Ubuntu. And to complete the gaming chimera look, he’s using a PS4 controller as the input. On…