• Avengers Assemble For Gameboy Mod

    Avengers Assemble For Gameboy Mod

    This awesome Gameboy mod uses Avengers stickers and some spare time. Avengers Endgame is out in cinemas and it’s breaking all kinds of records. I saw it yesterday and loved it. I also love Gameboy mods (I even finished one this weekend). So I was stoked to see both of them combined for this mod. YouTuber The ONerd took inspiration from the movie and fixed a broken Gameboy that didn’t read games in the process. This was 1 of 7 broken Gameboys he got from Craigslist, according to the video description. Spoiler alert (not for the movies: it just needed a good clean. Easy peasy. After that, he covered the…

  • A Gameboy DMG

    Happy 30th Birthday, Gameboy!

    The big grey brick is 30 years old today and, thanks to a modding community, still lives a supreme life. The original grey Gameboy – also known as the Gameboy DMG – is an iconic piece of technology. Gunpei Yokoi was its original designer when it launched on 21st April 1989 and it was part of the Gameboy line that sold over 118m units worldwide. But why was it so popular, and how did it manage to live for so long before a recent revival? Its official lifespan was 1989–2003 – which included the Pocket, Light, and Color variants. 15 years is a long time for a line of gaming tech…

  • Pokemon Silver

    So You Wanna Be A Master? Part 2: Pokemon Silver

    The series continues as Luke Davis talks about his first experiences with Pokémon Silver. The year is 2000. The month: October. I’d moved over 4000 miles across the Atlantic to Atlanta with my parents as my dad got a teaching job there. The stay lasted six months but my parents enjoyed it as much as a trip to a Nazi dentist. there were some happy memories to take from the experience though. I’ll start with a little background info… A few weeks into my stay, my Gameboy was misplaced and stolen. Amongst the games stolen was my beloved Pokémon Blue cart. I’d lost my Blastoise and my legendary team. For…

  • pokemon-blue

    So You Wanna Be A Master? Part 1: Pokemon Blue

    In this series, I talk about my experiences with each Pokémon game from the first generation to the seventh. This is about Pokémon Blue. I was 9 years old when I felt the adrenaline-fueled rush of tearing away the cellophane from a Pokémon cartridge box. I’ve since experienced other joys and pleasures that eclipse it in intensity but there’s a special place in my heart for a new Pokémon game. Despite red being my favourite colour, I felt a kinship with the cobalt box of Pokémon Blue and the mascot adorning it. I heard from friends that it was called Blastoise and evolved from one of three starter Pokémon. This was like nothing I…