• Jessie's Wobbuffet

    Could you beat Pokémon Emerald with only a Wobbuffet?

    MahDryBread did a solo run with a Wobbuffet on Pokémon Emerald. Here’s how he did. If you’ve played Pokémon after Gen 2 or seen the anime, you’ll know Wobuffet. It’s a giant blue Pokémon with a soft body and a black tail with eyes. It’s also a gimmick Pokémon. Wobbuffet only learns four moves: Counter Destiny Bond Mirror Coat Safeguard No TMs, no HMs, and no tutored moves. It also has atrocious stats except for a huge HP stat. With that in mind, gamer and YouTuber MahDryBread went on a solo run with Wobbuffet on Pokémon Emerald. His ridiculous journey took him through Hoenn in Generation 3 as he tried…