• Donkey Kong Country, "Aquatic Ambience"

    A 3-hour playlist of relaxing SNES soundtracks

    Everything from Chrono Trigger to Donkey Kong Country features on this 3-hour SNES music YouTube playlist. ASMR didn’t exist in the 90s but new age music did. It’s a genre that gets a bad rep but if Enya made video game soundtracks, maybe they’d sound like some of these tracks. For all its technological advances, the SNES’s music is seriously underrated. Video game YouTuber SNES drunk compiled a playlist of “relaxing Super Nintendo Music” and it’s 3 hours of bliss. The usual suspects are there: Donkey Kong Country’s Aquatic Ambience and Chrono Trigger’s Secret of the Forest. But the opener comes from Waterworld, which is probably the highest accolade for…

  • King Kow amiibo

    The Trials And Tribulations Of An amiibo Collector

    Kow tells his long but worthwhile tale of becoming an amiibo collector. Hello all, my name is Kow. Well, not really, but I prefer to go by that name. Some of you may know me, but for those who don’t, I make music and what not. However, I’m not here to promote or advertise myself at all. I’m here probably for the same reason you all are: you love and/or grew up with video games being a key factor in your life. As we all may have some interest in video game culture, I feel rather lucky to be honest. For one, I’m a huge Nintendo fan and Nintendo is the greatest…