• Donkey Kong Country, "Aquatic Ambience"

    A 3-hour playlist of relaxing SNES soundtracks

    Everything from Chrono Trigger to Donkey Kong Country features on this 3-hour SNES music YouTube playlist. ASMR didn’t exist in the 90s but new age music did. It’s a genre that gets a bad rep but if Enya made video game soundtracks, maybe they’d sound like some of these tracks. For all its technological advances, the SNES’s music is seriously underrated. Video game YouTuber SNES drunk compiled a playlist of “relaxing Super Nintendo Music” and it’s 3 hours of bliss. The usual suspects are there: Donkey Kong Country’s Aquatic Ambience and Chrono Trigger’s Secret of the Forest. But the opener comes from Waterworld, which is probably the highest accolade for…

  • rival locke with leo

    The Funniest Pokémon Video I’ve Ever Seen (starring Leonardo DiCaprio)

    Well, sort of. You’ll see what I mean… (Spoiler warning: if you want to watch the whole series of Mr Talent and Shadypenguinn’s Rival Locke 4, don’t read this article.) I’ve been a big fan of the Rival Locke series since I discovered it in 2017. It helped me through some rough times and I’ve been watching ever since. The fourth series started a few months ago on Pokémon Black and White and finished last month with Mr Talent winning his third in a row. It was a tumultuous series for both players, with numerous resets and legendaries spoiling everyone’s fun. Let’s just say it was white out galore on…

  • The Retro Future does a Let's Refurb on a faulty gold Gameboy Pocket

    The Retro Future does a Let’s Refurb on a faulty gold Gameboy Pocket

    And it looks incredible afterwards. Our parent site LOG!CFACE featured a Let’s Refurb from The Retro Future a while back and his craft has grown from strength to strength. Lately, he’s been tackling more complex fixes on Nintendo 2DS’s and 3DS’s but last week, he went back to an old classic. The unit he got was a corroded Gameboy Pocket. The casing looked like it was being consumed by a sepia symbiote and the circuitry had succumbed to corrosion. The final result has some cleaning and adjustments is amazing. It resonated with me especially as I used to own a Gameboy Color with a special gold outer case. I’m tempted…