SomeOrdinaryGamers & Karl Jobst on The Completionist withholding charity stream donations

Show them the money!

This was an unexpected video to see on my YouTube feed this morning. SomeOrdinaryGamers and Karl Jobst are YouTubers who do let’s plays, reviews, commentaries on the gaming industry, and video essays on speedrunning between them.

In the above videos, they both investigated a very controversial issue involving The Completionist (Jirard Khalil) and the withholding of donations for his charity, the Open Hand Foundation. Founded by his father in honour of his late mother, Karren Khalil, who suffered from frontotemporal dementia (FTD), Open Hand has reportedly raised over $600k in the last few years through a charity stream event called Indieland but this money still hasn’t left their bank accounts. SOG and KJ spoke to Jirard (and you can hear some of those conversations in the video) and the backtracking and excuses were plentiful.

I recommend you watch them both and if you’re unsure about the status of a charity stream or where the funds may be going, check them out. Or donate directly.

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