Awesome Geeky Designs by Stone and Oak Clothing

The Canadian clothing brand have designs for all your “nerdy desires”.


The Canadian clothing brand has designs for all your “nerdy desires”.

(Note: this is not sponsored – I just like the brand)

I have a heap of pop and geek culture t-shirts and sweaters (mostly Pokémon) but I’ve always wanted something from Stone & Oak Clothing.

Stone And Oak, in their own words, is “a place where the chronically introverted, the lovers of the poké-rap, and the recovering emos can feel at home”. I cover at least two of those criteria off the bat. Their clothing is made in Canada (Vancouver to be exact) and every order comes with a little extra gift.

Everything from prints to vests, hoodies, and tees are available. And there’s something for every kind of fan, including:

The only thing stopping me has been my own finances because Stone & Oak’s products are affordable and worth their weight in fabric.

If you want to get to know Stone and Oak a bit better, head over to their Discord server.

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