• Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Outsells The Sega Pico and TurboGrafx-16

    Goodness me. According to Nintendo’s recent financial release, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has sold 13.81 million units worldwide. Needless to say the release has been a success. But what makes that number even more incredible is that it means it has sold more copies than the Sega Pico and TurboGrafx-16 combined. Yes, the actual consoles. For a game that has only been out four months to sell more than two of the most iconic consoles of the 90s should really embarrass Sega, NEC Home Electronics, and Hudson Soft (well, if Hudson were still around. But they should be ashamed anyway). Other sales numbers from the report: Pokémon Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Eevee! – 10.63…

  • ti-smash-bros

    Someone Made ‘Super Smash Bros.’ For TI-83/84 Calculators

    Who needs Super Smash Bros for the Switch when you can play it on a TI calculator? Andrew Martin investigates. I remember when I had to get a TI calculator for one of my math classes and being all, “WTF, this is the most expensive thing I’ve ever had to own for school.” Then someone showed me how to play games on it and I was all, “Yeah, OK, this is awesome.” Well, none of those games could even compare to what this one person has done—they made Super Smash Bros. playable on a TI-83/84. No, this is not a joke. As noted on Tiny Cartridge, the TI port of the…