13 minutes of Super Smash Bros controversy

I knew Super Smash Bros was competitive but I had no idea how salty people got over it. This video (one of many on YouTube) was illuminating and reminded me why I remain a casual gamer. On the plus side, it was awesome to see so many Black commentators (albeit Black men but I’ll take it).

As a tl;dr, some of the controversial moments included:

  • Accidental pauses forcing players to lose a stock per the rules
  • Illegal coaching during a match
  • Illegal replaying of the same stage in a set (a match had to be replayed and the person who initially won then lost the replay; that person being noted Smash legend Mew2King)
  • The in-game launch rate set at a lower rate than default (0.9 vs. 1.0)
  • Screaming in someone’s face mid-match

Smash players take this thing SERIOUSLY.

Stream it below.