Charizard card rug

Get a Charizard card rug for €135

This Charizard rug could really tie someone’s room together.


I’ve seen it all now. You can now own the infamous Charizard card in rug form thanks to Kanto Starter, an online Pokémon merch store in the Czech Republic.

The 5’2″ x 3’6″ (160cm x 110cm) rug comes complete with all the fire and shininess that made the original Base Set Charizard card a hit for kids in the 90s and rich millennial brats today but at a fraction of the price: €135. But be warned: this is a limited edition rug and won’t be released again. And you have to pre-order it with shipping taking 6-8 weeks. You know, like Pokémon card boxes right now.

Do I see people scalping rugs to sell on for profit? Yes. Will I be buying this rug at any price? No.

Buy the rug on the Kanto Starter website.