Listen to Open Mike Eagle’s Legend of Zelda-Referencing 'Split Pants In Detroit (or Hyrule)'

I was a music writer in a past life—or as recently as 2014—and one of the artists I truly enjoyed writing about was Open Mike Eagle. My fondness for his music was born in 2010 with the release of his Unapologetic Art Rap project, but it was in 2011′s “Nightmares” that I really felt a connection to his music. I’ve been following each and every one of his releases since then, and I’m of the opinion that he only gets better with each song, EP, or album he shares with the world.

Case in point: his fantastic new EP that, among other things, features a shout out to my favorite gaming franchise, The Legend of Zelda. I had a brief Twitter convo with Mike about Skyward Sword, which at that time he was 50 hours into, after seeing that he named one of the EP’s songs “Split Pants In Detroit (or Hyrule).” For those unaware, Hyrule serves as the kingdom wherein most LoZ games take place. And on “Split Pants In Detroit,” he raps about a friend liking beats that “sound like Zelda towns” and drops a Bushido Blade reference, among other clever quips.

You can hear the track below and cop the entire EP on Bandcamp.