Plexa's inaugural Golden Sun speedrun at AGDQ 2021

Join Isaac, Garet, Ivan, Mia, and Plexa in the first-ever Golden Sun speedrun at Awesome Games Done Quick 2021.

I’m a huge Golden Sun fan. If it wasn’t for Pokémon, it’d be my favourite JRPG. So when I found out there’d be a Golden Sun speedrun at ADGQ 2021, I was beyond excited for multiple reasons:

  1. I’d never watched a Golden Sun speedrun
  2. It was the first-ever Golden Sun speedrun at AGDQ
  3. I’d be able to hear people talk about it and revel in the discourse

For those familiar with Golden Sun speedrunning, you’ll know Plexa. He’s the current world record holder and a legend in the community. His sub-4 hour time would have been fast enough to take the WR a year or so ago according to one of the commentators (BowieTheHero) which shows how far Plexa and his peers have driven this down.

One of my favourite parts was the common consensus that Golden Sun should be better represented in Super Smash Bros. Ah, the vindication!


Stream it below and here’s hoping we see more runs from the sequels and maybe a new announcement/release for Golden Sun’s 20th anniversary?