Apparently, there was a $13M Yu-Gi-Oh! card auction linked to an embezzlement case

What is going on with trading cards right now?!

The South China Morning Post reports that the Yu-Gi-Oh! card in question was a rare “Blue-Eyes White Dragon” that, despite its honestly kind of crummy illustration of a boring-looking monster, is valued between $31-$46,000 USD. The value is so high because it’s from a limited run of only 500 units. When it went up for sale on an online auction held last Monday, bidding reached $13.4 million within half an hour—a figure high enough that a court in Chuzhou, China shut the whole thing down, citing activity that “is seriously inconsistent with the actual bidding price.” Authorities also said that “malicious behavior is suspected.” Before it reached that point, 18,000 people participated in the auction while 2 million others watched it play out.

Puts all the Pokémon TCG stuff into perspective.

(via AV Club)

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