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Watch: 2D Video Games Meet The Real World In This Awesome Video

Back to reality.

As you have no doubt noticed, I don’t only love the gaming aspect of playing video games. The music is just as important to me, as is the cover art and, really, the artwork associated with games in general. It’s with that in mind that I had my mind pretty much blown by this new video from artist Filipe Costa. Since 2012, he’s apparently been creating YouTube videos that take games you know and love and flip them on their heads. For example, he’s turned Tomb Raider into a first-person shooter while also working in the realm of 2D art. That’s where this post comes in.

Costa has shared a video in which he takes animations (think gifs) from classic video games—they range from from Super Mario Kart to the Legend of Zelda to Godzilla—and he places them in real-world settings. To be blunt, it’s incredible to witness and I really hope that he does more of these in the near future. Also, now I’m thinking that I need to see everything else he has done, because a first-person Tomb Raider sounds pretty rad.

You can watch the video below. [via]

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