Listen to This Wu-Tang Clan and Final Fantasy VI Mash-Up Album ‘The 3-6 Chambers’

The Internet is a weird and wonderful place full of stuff you wouldn’t other know even exists were it not for, well, the Internet. Take, for example, some of the surprisingly rad mash-up projects that combine the beauty of hip-hop and video game music. I wrote about a few of them recently, but a new one just hit the web that’s most definitely worth your attention. It’s The 3-6 Chambers, a mash-up of Wu-Tang Clan classics and the music of Final Fantasy VI (aka Final Fantasy III in the US).

On its face, this shouldn’t work in the least bit, right? I mean, an RPG’s soundtrack mashed up with some of the grittiest raps ever spit? But Kentucky-dwelling producer 2 Mello clearly knows what he’s doing here, because you’re bound to get hooked to the release once the third track starts playing. Hell, you may even get addicted once opener “Those In Power” finishes, as it sets up a narrative of sorts wherein the protagonist escapes the clutches of FFVI villain Kekfa through the music of Wu-Tang. It’s weird—you know, just like the concept of this project itself—but it works really, really well. Seriously, just listen to Ol’ Dirty Bastard go off on “Got Your Treasure” and try to argue otherwise. You can’t.

If you’re diggin’ 2 Mello’s FFVI/Wu-Tang mash-up project as much as I am, you should also peep his Jay Z/Chrono Trigger mash-up called Chrono Jigga (and the rest of his catalogue for that matter). If nothing else, it proves that you can be a huge hip-hop head and be the biggest video game nerd, too. Hell, I’m thinking about writing an article about the similarities between being a hip-hop head and video game fanatic, but I’ll save all that for another day. Let’s just enjoy this creative-as-hell album right now.


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