Attack of the Fanboy on 5 RPGs to replay in 2021

The only games I play these days are RPGs (and most of them are Pokémon titles). I did buy Battle Chasers: Night War last year and I played it a bit but not for a while now. Then I saw this article from Attack of the Fanboy listing the top 5 RPGs to [re]play in 2021. The “re” part was emphasised as the list is a mix of older and newer games and it’s a fine list.

A couple of usual suspects are on there from the old crowd (Final Fantasy VII and Phantasy Star Online) but the most surprising addition was Digimon World:

Easily the oddest of the group, but certainly not to be underestimated, Digimon World is my personal favorite of this list. I literally grew up with this game, alongside its successors Digimon World 2 and 3, for the PlayStation. The franchise may not be as big here on the West, but it shines greatly on the eastern parts of the planet, hence why it started its legacy with some great games. Digimon World being one of them, with its unique blend of pet taming and surviving in the wild, while expanding your main city.

I really enjoyed Digimon when it launched and I watched the show as a kid and had I owned a PS1 back in the day, I would have got Digimon World for sure.

Maybe I’ll write a list of my own this year, we’ll see.