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Abyssoft on the Pokemon FireRed speedrun strat featuring Mr. Mime, Farfetch'd, berries, and mail

Late last year, a speedrunner named luckytyphlosion discovered a major skip in Pokémon Fire Red that allowed the player to cut straight to the Hall of Fame entry screen after a lot of setup. While the above video explains the strat, involving Mr. Mime and Farfetch’d, here is a breakdown via Reddit user, and TASVideos staff member, tikevin83:

Dubbed composting, it replicates the R/S/E mail glitches by combining a berry, knock off, and recycle in a double battle:

  • mon 1 consumes item
  • switch to mon 2
  • mon 2 gets knocked off (probably in double battle)
  • mon 2 uses recycle
  • recycle overwrites mail permanently

The run will need to involve getting the Mr Mime from the Abra trade and leveling it to 33 for recycle while also getting a level 21 farfetch’d for Knock Off.

source: Reddit

The basic gist is by following the above steps, your actions write code to a part of the game that really shouldn’t and it breaks the game and takes you to the Hall of Fame where your Farfetch’d gets entered despite not fighting any of the Elite Four. According to tikevin83, this strat could see timesaves of 30–60 minutes (glitchless and TAS, respectively) which is a helluva lot. If you’re interested in the inner workings of the skip, I recommend watching the above video and reading luckytyphlosion’s explanation in the quoted Reddit post.

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