Alien Cabal speedrun by tbcr at Summer Games Done Quick 2022

I’ve never heard of Alien Cabal but I love any PC game from the 90s or any game from the 90s that is chock full of glitches and exploits. This one is no exception. tbcr’s speedrun for Summer Games Done Quick 2022 lasted just over 6 minutes and involved a lot of clipping.

Alien Cabal is an FPS (first-person shooter) released in 1997 by QASoft. Although one of the game’s testers claims it was built on a modified version of Doom II, this is disputed. Regardless, the aesthetic and gameplay borrows heavily from the early Doom franchise. Alien Cabal consists of 10 levels where you enter an alien underground complex and destroy all alien life you find.

While QASoft and its official website are no longer live, you can play this for free via The Internet Archive.

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