Arcadex is your Pokémon VGC companion

I’ve been playing Pokémon VGC for nearly a year now and I’m about as good as I was at the start—more losses than wins. But maybe help is at hand thanks to Arcadex.

Arcadex describes itself as “a suite of informative tools that gives you actionable Pokémon team building insight by tracking changes and exploiting weaknesses in the metagame so that you can have the advantage over your opponents”. The site comes with daily and monthly stats on the most used Pokémon in the metagame, what types you should have to attack and defend against, and the optimum speed levels (because speed control is super important).

For example, this month (March 2021), physical moves are used by about 40% of the meta right now and Fire type moves are the most popular. So my Drizzle Politoed will come in handy.

Update (9/4/2023): The site’s been down for a while so I’ve removed the links. No idea what happened but it’s a shame to see it go.