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You're bad at tera raids. PKMNcast shows you how to be better

There have been a lot of event Tera Raids since Pokémon Scarlet and Violet were released but many people don’t understand how they work. PKMNcast has helped hundreds, if not thousands of people get these exclusive Pokémon in group raids and with videos showing which Pokémon to bring. In the above video, he focuses on the current Hisuian Samurott raid and how his Gogoat build polarised people who used it. But it wasn’t the Pokémon that was the issue: it was the users and not understanding the raid mechanics as he explained. It’s all about turn order and having the right partners with you, whether you’re playing with friends, random people, or soloing, and he showed examples of all three with Gogoat to prove his point.

But this is just one example to illustrate a wider point. There is no single Pokémon that can beat a raid. If you put enough time and effort into testing, you can make a lot of Pokémon work. But you need to figure that out and know the mechanics, the moves, and typing. PKMNcast does an incredible job of helping people get there and there are tons of resources to aid you (such as which I wrote about a while back).

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