How to beat Pokémon Gold/Silver with just a Shuckle

Jrose11 is one of my favourite Pokémon YouTubers. Solo run videos can get old pretty quickly but Jrose11’s are interesting thanks to his quality commentary and the Pokémon he chooses.

For the latest video in his “Can you beat Pokémon with just a…?” series, he chose Shuckle. Players will know Shuckle as having some of the worst base stats for Attack, Speed, Special Attack, and HP. But they’ll also know Shuckle for having 230 Defense and Special Defense, then the highest in the game. But could Jrose11 get through the Elite Four, Kanto, and defeat Red?

Well, you probably know the answer already but I won’t spoil it. Shuckle was surprisingly good in spite of its abysmal stats and, in the Johto part of the run, a lot of that was down to one move: Rollout.

For those who aren’t familiar with Rollout, it’s a Rock type move with base 30 power. It then inflicts damage over 5 turns, doubling in power for each consecutive hit before resetting. So that’s 30 > 60 > 120 > 240 > 480. But there’s more—Rollout’s power can be doubled again if Defense Curl is used before Rollout, meaning you could get up to 960.

Jrose11 put that to good use and while the Elite Four took a few goes to get past, he got there and you’ll have to watch to see how he did it all.

Stream the video below.

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