Blizzard Announces New Game ‘Overwatch,’ Its First New Franchise In Nearly 20 Years (Video)

Those of you wishing for a new gaming franchise from the almighty Blizzard have had your prayers answered. At BlizzCon today, the company announced its latest venture, Overwatch, which will serve as its first new franchise in 17 years. Although there hasn’t been much information released about the title just yet, here’s what we know so far based on reports from Polygon and the newly leaked trailer for the game:

  • It’s a team-based multiplayer shooting game, much like Team Fortress Classic, but with space gorillas, bad-ass humans, and mechs boasting giant weaponry
  • It’s “coming sooner than you think,” which probably means something like early 2015 (but who knows)
  • There will be a variety of classes, characters (as noted above), and weapons—the last of which includes bow and arrow items, pistols, hammers, etc.
  • It won’t just be about traditional weapons, as magic and spell-casting will also play a role
  • It’s futuristic and looks super sharp

Hopefully we can get some more information about Overwatch soon, such as which platforms it’ll be available on (likely PC to start), when it’ll be released, and so forth. I’m excited.

You can take a look at the game below.