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Congratulations to Wolfe Glick, the 2024 Pokémon Orlando Regional champion

Wolfe Glick has shown once again why he’s the GOAT with a momentous victory at the 2024 Pokémon Orlando Regional Championships, beating Neil Patel 2-1 in the final. Wolfe and Neil went down to the wire in game 3 in a one-on-one showdown between Neil’s Urshifu and Wolfe’s Amoonguss but it was Wolfe who eked out the win, meaning he defended his Orlando title from last year, extended his overall regional titles tally to 9, and became the first trainer in the Masters division to win 2 regional titles this year. And to think this may not have happened were it not for Wolfe deciding at the last minute to book a flight to Orlando to compete in the tournament.

“[…] it’s really meaningful for me to win this. I went to EUIC with this exact same team, no changes, and I just barely missed out on Top Cut, and I really felt like this team could go all the way, you know what I mean? Like I really like it was a really special good team and so… to come here, kind of on a whim, you know, booked on Wednesday, last minute and not only doing well but winning the whole thing it’s extremely, extremely meaningful to me and I’m just so proud of myself and so grateful for all the support I have.”

Wolfe Glick, in his winner’s interview

Neil still has a lot to be proud of, as he pushed one of the greatest of all time to a Game 3 in a regional final as Nicholas Donnelly did in Charlotte, and reach his first ever regional final after a series of Top 8 finishes. I implore you to watch the whole match but especially Game 3 for perhaps the greatest finish in VGC regionals history.

Here’s the Poképaste of Wolfe’s winning team and Neil’s second place team. As for the top 256 players, you can find those Poképastes on Top Cut Explorer. And if you want to see that iconic last turn, I’ve clipped if for you.

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