Doom is a Christmas game, apparently

We’ve all heard the debate about whether or not Die Hard is a Christmas film (it is) but have you considered Doom as a Christmas game? Nathan Grayson has:

OK, hear me out.

Christmas might be contained in its dread North Pole tomb until it bursts free next year and once again unleashes festive hell on earth, but we are still very much in the midst of the holiday season. This means that many of us, myself included, remain under our relatives’ roofs, or they’re under ours, possibly until the year is over.

To pass the time, I’ve been playing 2016’s Doom on the Switch. I tend to lose myself in a game or two every holiday season, but never before has one clicked like this—let alone one that I’ve previously beaten on another platform. I’ve come to the inescapable conclusion that Doom is the ultimate holiday game.

I think the ultimate question is: can you play Doom on Santa’s sleigh? Only time will tell.

You can buy Doom Slayers Collection which features Doom, Doom II, Doom 64, Doom 3, and the holiday favourite, Doom (2016).

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