Fan discovers Christmas NiGHTS sampled the film 'Home Alone'

NiGHTS into Dreams is one of my favourite games of all time. The first time I played it, I was about 6 and staying at my cousins’ house in Florida. When I got home to the UK, I missed it so much, I cried at night with the soundtrack playing in my head (it still makes me cry and I don’t care who knows it). A shorter Christmas-themed version called Christmas NiGHTS, was released in December 1996 and a fan spotted something interesting:

Yep, the game composers sampled Home Alone on the menu screen. Nobody knows why but, as Game Rant surmises, it makes sense from a thematic standpoint. I’d love to know why they did it but until then, I’ll applaud them for their decision and thank Joey Freeze for his discovery.

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