The GameCube intro as an unemployment graph

Remember the Guile Theme Goes With Everything meme? Well, the Gamecube intro took that title a long time ago but new examples never get old—from Gamecube intro + Smooth Criminal to an amazing console intro crossover.

But this one tickled me on multiple levels. The video shows the Gamecube jingle following a line graph of unemployment claims in the US from 1965 to 2020 and the sudden rise at the end (thanks COVID!) Besides the satirical nature of it all, the video also inadvertently shows how scale can affect data visualisation too. Until this year, the highest peak was 900,000 and then BOOM, 6 million! (It had been 3 million the week before it doubled)

But I digress. The Gamecube intro truly goes with everything.

Stream it below and check out the original graph on Reddit.