Gampur's 10 best Bug type Pokémon

Game Freak have done Bug types dirty over the years. Due to their often small physical size in relation to their real life species, they lack significant power in any stat (the average base stat total according to Bulbapedia is 471.72 with their highest average stat being Attack, which is only 90.59), they have significant weaknesses to popular types such as Fire, Flying, and Rock, and popular types resist them (Fire again, Fairy, Flying, and Steel).

Nevertheless, Gamepur took on the difficult task of ranking the 10 best out of a pool of 85 (as of Gen 9).

I’m sad to announce my favourite Bug type—Beedrill—didn’t make the cut but my second favourite did make it to #1. I won’t spoil who it is so you’ll just have to read the list!

(Header photo: “010 Caterpie” by figurefocus is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

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