How to fix a bricked Wii U with a Raspberry Pi Pico

For anyone with a Nintendo Wii U that won’t boot properly, giving Error codes 160-0103 or 160-0101, this might be the fix for you. Voultar uploaded a video earlier this year showing how he fixed his bricked Wii U using an $8 Raspberry Pi Pico and software that exploits the Wii U’s USB Host Stack descriptor parsing. The trick is to insert the Pi Pico at just the right moment so that it bypasses the Wii U’s regular boot attempt and then you can recache the original boot. If successful, the Wii U will boot as normal and the error codes will be gone!

It’s a relatively easy fix for people who are familiar with these kinds of single-board computers and installing software on them. And for less than $10/£10, it’s cheaper than buying a working Wii U.

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