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Kyle Tryon's quest to find Static Shock for the GBA

Kyle Tryon, also known as @TechSquidTV, wrote a blog post about his quest to find Static Shock for the GBA. The problem is… it was never released:

In May 2004, a video game based on the popular DC animated series Static Shock was set to be released for the Gameboy Advance. Growing up, Static Shock was one of my favorite cartoons, but I must admit, I do not remember any mention of this game, and that might be for good reason. Though some users online have reported remembering seeing ads for this game, it was never actually released. For one reason or another (potentially financial issues), the game was cancelled and an official version never made it to stores.

And this wasn’t a game that was cancelled while in development, it was either complete for very near complete. The game was even reviewed by Nintendo Power, or at least that’s what a few people on the internet claimed. Luckily, the Internet Archive has the full collection of every Nintendo Power magazine ever released, so I was able to confirm this. On the Internet Archive you can perform a full-text search, which is where I was able to find this review from March 2004, just two months before the game was supposed to release.

You’ll have to read the rest to find out if he found it but it’s nice to know it was at least in development. Static Shock was such a good show and, of course, a greater comic book story.

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