Make your own NES Mini with this Nes4Pi case

(This is not an ad)

The Pi Hut is selling a really cool looking retro gaming case for the Raspberry Pi 4 called The Nes4Pi. In their own words, it “oozes retro goodness from every angle” and hyperbole aside, it’s the best replica case I’ve seen in a while.

But it’s not just about nostalgia for nostalgia’s sake. The case comes with a ‘cartridge’ flap at the front, much like the original hardware, which reveals the 4 USB ports and the ethernet port. You can plug in your favourite USB controllers when you’re playing and eject them when you’re done, leaving the Nes4Pi nice and tidy.

It also comes with a fan and heatsinks and assembly is relatively straightforward; five screws and a screwdriver (all included).

Buy it for £12 from the Pi Hut website today.

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