Online banking on the SNES in 1998

To build a periphery for a console 8 years after its launch is bold but TranDirect did just that in 1998. The Canadian company created an online home banking SNES cartridge, allowing customers to view their accounts, make payments, and view new information and read statements.

This was actually TranDirect’s second attempt at entering the online banking game.

In 1994, TranDirect’s parent company TVI interactive systems developed a home banking solution that ran on the Amiga CD32. The Amiga CD32 software was created for Canada’s Vancity Savings Credit Union and was marketed under the name Vancity DirecTV which itself was part of TVI Interactive’s direct suite of online banking products that included PC software as well as web-based account access to Vancity Credit Union.

Naturally, it didn’t catch on but it was interesting to see another type of online system used with the SNES after Satellaview (exclusive to the Super Famicom in Japan).

Stream the video below.