My favourite Pokémon VGC teams from the 2023 Taipei Regionals

The Taipei Regionals took place on 1st October as part of the 2023 Taiwan Regional League. 86 teams competed and Victory Road compiled a list of the top 16 teams. I whittled that down to my favourite 4.

Yang Da-wei’s team (finished 2nd)

Team members: Zacian, Groudon, Kyogre, Zekrom, Calyrex-S, and Thundurus

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I’m biased as I have a team featuring dual weather and Zekrom but this is a solid team and its second place finish confirms it. Yang Da-wei actually went unbeaten in Swiss thanks to solid picks and a unique moveset on Groudon featuring Stone Edge and Shadow Claw. And Leer on the Thundurus.

Liu Jian-ting’s team (finished 6th)

Team members: Dusk Mane Necrozma, Lunala, Primarina, Incineroar, Kartana, and Silvally

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This is probably the coolest team in the top 8 in my opinion. There’s so many amazing techs to consider: Dusk Mane Necrozma is pretty standard but it’s inclusion isn’t and alongside Lunala as the restricted pair. Then there’s Primarina with Water Pledge. What use that, I hear you ask? I’ll get to that in a second. The Incineroar is particularly interesting as it’s holding an Assault Vest and it’s running Flare Blitz, Snarl, U-Turn, and Fake Out. No Parting Shot? Well, that’s where the next Pokémon comes in: Silvally. Not only does it have Parting Shot, likely to throw the opponent off, but it also has… Grass Pledge! It’s a solid pick. Kartana’s set is pretty standard but this team is meant to catch trainers off guard and nullify their Pokémon with a series of stat reducing moves and dual Trick Room. The obvious downside is once you reveal it in Game 1, it’s easier to read in Game 2 or 3.

Wang Hsiang’s team (finished 9th)

Team members: Zacian, Zamazenta, Groudon, Ho-Oh, Calyrex-S, and Incineroar

A Sword and Shield Restricted pair? You don’t see that everyday. The movesets are pretty standard but the picks aren’t which makes the team so special. Oh, and this Groudon has the same moveset as Yang Da-wei’s (is this common now??)

Lin Hao-cheng’s team (finished 16th)

Team members: Zacian, Groudon, Kyogre, Incineroar, Zeraora, and Whimsicott

I love Zeraora so I was thrilled to see two in the Top-16 and this team has dual weather too. It wasn’t on stream unfortunately but I’ll assume it was awesome (since it made top cut).

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