Nintendo Characters Coming to Universal Theme Parks

Have you ever been to a theme park and thought something along the lines of, “Man, this is great, but it’d be even better if Mario, Toad, Bowser, Link, Zelda, etc. had their own rides here?”

Well, in what’s likely be the best news of the day, nay, the week, Nintendo announced today that they’re bringing their characters to Universal Theme Parks. Yes, that’s right—the characters and worlds of the gaming giant will find a home at Universal. According to a press release, “The immersive experiences will include major attractions at Universal’s theme parks and will feature Nintendo’s most famous characters and games.” If you just squealed with joy, it’s OK, because you’re not the only one.

Now, there’s no sort timeline or anything like that for when this will happen, but still, this is fantastic news (especially for someone like me who was waiting for the right hook to consider traveling solely for the purpose of visiting Universal). I, for one, cannot wait to learn more about this. Here’s hoping we get a good look at what this will all look like in the coming months. Happy Thursday!