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The 'Obama skip' is New Pokémon Snap's newest speedrunning trick

Does it have anything to do with Barack Obama? No, but that hasn’t stopped the classic Abomasnow pun from rearing its head again (if you’ve played Pokémon since they introduced the Wonder Trade system, you’ll be familiar with the nicknames).

It comes as part of a new speedrunning time skip in New Pokémon Snap:

Obama skip actually has very little to do with the former United States president apart from his name sounding similar to Abomasnow, the ice- and grass-type Pokémon the technique was invented to bypass. Abomasnow’s antics in Shiver Snowfield have frustrated New Pokémon Snap speedrunners since the game’s release in April, but players recently discovered that they could stop it from impeding their progress through the level with a well-timed apple throw.

I haven’t got that far with New Pokémon Snap but I’ll be interested to see how it works.

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