Let’s Do This: Play Over 2,000 MS-DOS Games For Free Online

The Internet Archive strikes again, and your free time is about to disappear quicker than… well, quicker than you can click a mouse.

Just like they did with the Internet Arcade (and other mini-platforms even before that), the folks at the Archive have made it easier than ever to play nearly 2,500 (!) MS-DOS games for free in your browser. All you need is an Internet connection—you surely have one if you’re reading this—and a computer not made out of complete garbage to get going. And in doing so, you can revisit classic upon classic, from Wolfenstein 3D to The Oregon Trail and so many games in between. I’m partial to Wolfenstein because I just played through The New Order on my PS4, which I’ll probably talk about in another post, but feel free to play, well, just about anything really.

The only downsides are that some games are just as buggy and annoying as they ever were and, unfortunately, you can’t save anything. But who knows, maybe they’ll figure out a way to take care of all that. Well, at least the saving part anyway, though that would likely require you to download the game.

You can play all the games—all the games—right here.

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