Pokémon Infinite Fusion - the ROM with 99,225 possible combos

In The Ghost of Maiden’s Peak (EP020), a Gastly created a Pokémon fusion that has stuck with me to this day: Venustoise. A Venusaur and a Blastoise combined. It has never featured in any official Pokémon or Nintendo media but it did spawn a multitude of fan-created fusions.

Fast forward a few years and web developer Alex Onsager created a Pokemon Fusion generator, allowing fans to create their own unique combos. Venustoise lived on (even if the face looked less refined).

Venustoise - the first ever Pokémon fusion
Venustoise – the first ever Pokémon fusion

In June 2019, a Tumblr user named ijustreallylikeeevee created a post offering a new use for the Pokémon fusion generator:

“Whatever pokemon appears when you load Pokéfusion is now your government assigned starter.”

Tens of thousands of fusions circulated social media. I’m sure Venustoise got in there somewhere and they would make the perfect starter.

But before all that was an innovative ROM hack called Pokémon Infinite Fusion. A post for the ROM was originally published in April 2015 but has been edited routinely. Pokémon Infinite Fusion is currently on Version 4.4 (as of July 2019) and offers some of the most amazing features since in a Pokémon ROM hack:

  • Every Pokémon can be fused with any other Pokémon.
  • Each combo has a unique sprite, stats, movepool, and Pokédex entry.
  • There are 99,225 different fusion combinations.
  • The game has every Pokémon from Gen 1 and Gen 2 and 35 Pokémon from Gen 3 and Gen 4.
  • Custom sprites made by the Pokécommunity
  • Full Kanto region with extra areas and Johto postgame
  • You can nickname Pokémon from the menu
  • Over 30 Sidequests
  • Wild double battles
  • NPC rematches and trades after battling
  • WonderTrade simulator
  • Day/Night system
  • Integrated speed up button
  • Classic mode or Random mode (for you Nuzlockers out there)

I can now have my coveted Venustoise in an actual game and beat everyone in my path. 9 year old me would be so happy.

(As always, we don’t officially endorse the download of illegal ROMs so we assume you own the games already.)

Update: Retro Dodo wrote a Pokémon Infinite Fusion review for your perusal.

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