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Relive the 90s with this NTS Wipeout mix

Wipeout was one of the most influential video games of the 90s, with its futuristic designs and incredible soundtrack. NTS put together a mix of those tunes as part of its Otaku series. CDM did a great write up for the mix (h/t to them):

NTS’ mix oozes cool, so let’s not stop there – there’s more.

The 1995 release alone had tracks from Leftfield, The Chemical Brothers, and Orbital, and The Prodigy, with the franchise keeping that dedication to artists. But the real standout is the legendary Wright himself – the composer behind Shadow of the Beast II, Amiga and Atari classics, LemmingsColony Wars, and even the designer of the ground-breaking Music series with MTV (aka Music Generator), which turned your game console into a very capable music production tool. Oh, and he worked on eJay. And Gravity Crash. And more Wipeout games.

The lasting impact of Wipeout was really dual-sided – it wasn’t just that it helped bolster the reputation of music for video games, but that the imaginative high-speed futuristic racing helped provide a visual accompaniment to dance music. And with modern dance music sometimes uncertain of which way to go other than draw on 90s (or 80s) sources, maybe that futurism is welcome now.

Stream it below.

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