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Skyehoppers on Pokémon Black 2/White 2

Call it recency bias but I finished Pokémon Black 2 for the first time a few months ago* and it changed my mind about Generation 5. Previously, I hated it thanks to the first games in the gen but Black 2 switched things up in a big way. The reasons why are perfectly illustrated by Skyehoppers in the above video. In terms of why they described it as “risky”, that comes down to the storyline, which was very mature and sophisticated compared to current stories and that definitely drew me in. I hate long cut scenes with boring dialogue but I found myself reading what everyone was saying and feeling a sense of… intrigue. If I had to pick a game with the best story dialogue, it’d be this one. If they do release a Gen 5 remake, I hope it’s best on B2W2.

*I used to own Black 2 (I got it discounted for £10 at the time if you can imagine that) but lost it on a bus, along with my red Nintendo DS Lite. I now own it along with a Japanese copy.

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