Sorry, the Unowns are very much known

Lyra made a website uploaded a video on his channel detailing the secrets and history of Unown in the games. Except there are no secrets really.

Unown is a Psychic-type Pokémon, introduced in Pokémon Gold and Silver with 28 different forms: the letters A-Z, a Question Mark, and an Exclamation Mark (the latter two introduced in Gen 3). While they did have a major role in the storylines of Pokémon Crystal and Pokémon 3: The Movie, they were simply an oddity in their debut games.

You’ll only need a spare 10 minutes to watch this and it’s a shame there’s not much more to them besides being shaped like letters and knowing Hidden Power. But I recommend you check out the trivia section for Unown on Bulbapedia as there’s some cool stuff on there.

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