Steely Dan's 'Aja' but played using the Mario 64 soundfont

Aja is already an immense album but hearing it with the Mario 64 soundfont sends it out of the stratosphere. Some background info:

Dear viewers, I wish I could tell you anything except the mediocre thumbnail is an original work, but I am merely the messenger. The already phenomenal midis come from Shino (except for Deacon Blues, which is uncredited) via the Steely Dan Database, The soundfont is by Pablo’s Corner ( and the original songs are of course by The Beatles. I didn’t even edit the midis except for speeding up the tempo on Deacon Blues lmao. Enjoy!

via the video’s description

This wouldn’t have sounded out of place in an 90s video game, honestly. In fact, it sounds as close to a city pop track as you can get without a Japanese band.

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