The biggest Nintendo 3DS in the world

Everyone is clambering to get their favourite games on the Nintendo 3DS eShop before it shuts on 27th March (but you can still redownload titles). But some people have other priorities, like making giant 3DS’s. BigRig Creates built what is likely the biggest Nintendo 3DS in the world with most of the features of the pocket sized version.

The main hurdle here is that the stereoscopic effect that Nintendo used to allow the 3DS to display 3D graphics without special glasses doesn’t work well at long distances, and doesn’t work at all if there is more than one player. To get around those limitations, this build uses a 3D TV with active glasses. This TV is mounted to a bar stool with the help of some counterweights, and a second touch-sensitive screen courtesy of McDonalds makes up the other display.

The computer driving this massive handheld console runs Citra, and also handles the scaled-up controls as well. To recreate the system’s analog touch pad, a custom joystick tipped with conductive filament is used to interact with a smartphone hidden inside the case. Opposing rubber bands are used to pull the stick back into the center when it’s not being pushed.

This is bigger and more realistic than this “ultimate 3DS” effort and, well, more Nintendo power to him! I reckon this would look good in a Nintendo store display.

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