'THE KING OF FIGHTERS: The Ultimate History' is out now

Bitmap Books has released a new book celebrating The King of Fighters:

Here, in the first officially licensed and fully endorsed book of its type, that story is revealed in its entirety. With the help of SNK itself, which has granted unprecedented access to its immense archives of illustrations and artwork, as well as the key members of the original development team, who have spoken in unparalleled detail about how they created the series, this official history delivers a comprehensive visual and written history of KOF. The book celebrates iconic characters in the KOF roster such as Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami, as well as hearing from the voice actors who brought them to life; it uncovers never-before-seen details about the mysterious origins of KOF; and delves into the sumptuous pixel art and rich story narratives the series is known for. With its wealth of imagery and information, this is the ultimate KOF history.

The King of Fighters has had its changes over the years as publishers SNK navigated popularity in the 80s and 90s, bankruptcy in 00s, and new acquisitions and restructuring. The franchise itself had to stop making annual versions to give the team some respite and focus for other games.

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