The next Tera Raid event is a Tyranitar and Salamence Spotlight on 9th–11th December

The title says it all. After the Eevee Spotlight event and the Unrivaled Charizard event (the latter of which is coming back 16th–18th December), we have a new Tera Raid Battle event featuring Tyranitar and Salamence in 4 and 5 Star Tera Raids. Since they’re both game exclusives, you’ll get Tyranitar in Pokémon Scarlet and Salamence in Pokémon Violet. Unlike the Charizard event, Tyranitar and Salamence won’t have specific Tera types so, and I can’t stress this enough, plan ahead. Don’t just bring an Azumarill with Huge Power and Play Rough if it doesn’t work against the Tera type.

(via Serebii and GoNintendo)

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