The portable N64 SP

Before the Wii U took the mantle as Nintendo’s “worst” console (at least in terms of commercial success), the N64 was seen as a disappointment compared to its peers of the time. Retaining a cartridge-based gaming system when other consoles were using CDs and after the opportunity to collaborate with Sony had gone awry due to arrogance and greed, the Nintendo 64 didn’t last as long as its predecessors.

But thanks to “Gman”, we now have it in a portable form. The N64 SP is, as he describes it, “a clamshell type portable with the goal of having a fully enclosed cartridge slot and remain compact”:

This portable was fueled after successfully relocating the PIF IC for the smallest N64 trimming yet (Guide Soon TM). I wanted to unveil it special at MGC but since it’s not happening anymore you get it early.

And the specs:

  • 5″ VGA screen using ultraVGA. It looks so good omg.
  • Resin printed buttons
  • 3DS slider
  • A custom PCB
  • N64 Power Management System (Battery charging/protection and 3.3v/5v system regulators)
  • Custom audio amplifier
  • USBC PD charging
  • N64+ controller emulator

Simply put your N64 cart in the back and you’re good to go.

Gman explains the project in detail in the video below so check it out.