TIL: Pokémon Emerald featured weird vocal samples

I follow MezmerKaiser on YouTube for their awesome Pokémon game music interpolations (using sound packs from different games to recreate in-game tracks from others). Recently, they uploaded the above video which features weird vocal samples in Pokémon Emerald; mostly monosyllabic sounds. At first, they thought they were unused—as did I—but apparently not!

*EDIT*: Turns out they are not unused sounds. There is a weird NPC in the Mauville Pokémon Center called The Bard who appears only if the player’s ID number ends in a 0 or 1, and he uses these sounds when he speaks. Thank you to Epicness Worldwide.

I’ve only played Emerald once or twice (I finally got a copy a few years ago but haven’t played it much and certainly haven’t got as far as Mauville) so I missed this character. But the thought of real vocal samples in a main series Pokémon game? Mind blowing tbh.

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