TIL: Sonic the Hedgehog made a cameo in the Japanese version of Sim City 2000... kinda

qufb did the Lord’s work and dug into the code of Sim City 2000 for the Sega Saturn to see if Sonic the Hedgehog was actually in the game—specifically a Sonic statue. Magazines made reference to it but it was never actually obtainable in the game, and after using a variety of emulators and a Ghidra loader, qufb finally found it.

Interestingly, this was only found in the JP version, and not the US or EU versions and, to quote qufb themselves:

If there’s an easter egg for the Sonic statue in US and EU versions, it was not considered for the Japan version, and they decided to not include the data along with all the other tiles + animations

(And, speaking of Easter eggs, Happy Easter!)

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