Time Extension on SAROO, a $60 Sega Saturn flash cart

Time Extension reviewed the SAROO, a $60 Sega Saturn flash cart:

The SAROO project is the work of TPUinx, and is unique in that it uses the Saturn’s cartridge slot to totally bypass the console’s CD drive. Because it occupies this slot, the cart also doubles up as a memory cartridge and a RAM expansion cart. It features a MicroSD card slot for your games (in BIN/CUE format), and its firmware can be updated easily. Unlike some other ODE options, you don’t need to remove the CD drive to install SAROO, which is a big bonus – and it also plays games from any region, regardless of your console’s origin.

The versatility of this thing sounds incredible and, given the price of Sega Saturn games, $60 sounds like a phenomenal bargain.

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