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Why I also don't play many video games

While researching for another blog post, I found this from Acrentropy, referencing the above photo:

THIS, in a picture, is why I don’t play videogames anymore […] There. I’m done. I’ll see you in another six months or so.

I remember seeing this kind of graphic when I played FIFA 2000 on my friend’s old PS1. I didn’t have the dexterity or agile thinking to remember every button for every situation exactly when I needed to. And I think that’s why most novices or in-between-beginner-and-intermediate players end up button bashing. You’d rather press something than nothing, right?

And that part about seeing you in another six months or so? Although he was referring to their next blog (which never came as of June 2021), that’s how I’m feeling about Pokémon VGC right now but that’s another story for another blog post.