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Watch out for Lux Primora, an upcoming JRPG

As you may know, I don’t play many games these days outside of Pokémon. Because of that, JRPGs are often the exception and my interest was piqued when I found out about Lux Primora. In the words of the creators:

Lux Primora tells the story of a vibrant world steeped in primal elemental energies. Air, earth, fire, water, and light crash together across a land shaped by the forces of nature and threatened by their chaos. Those born with the ability to control these elements must defend themselves against a world both hostile and beautiful. 

Lux Primora follows in the footsteps of classic JRPGs. You’ll experience tactical turn-based combat, dynamic environmental puzzles, and a rich narrative-driven adventure. Four unlikely heroes must come together to discover the mysteries of the world. A classic tale of bravery, camaraderie, and magic retold.

My kinda stuff. Graphics wise, it’s clean and smooth, opting for something closer to cel-shading compared to most JRPGs out at the moment. That plays into the overall objective of Lux Primora: to both embrace and subvert common JRPG themes and tropes. The character designs and elemental themes follow that too with:

  • A Earth/Water/Air/Fire class system
  • Standard attributes involving magic, speed, attack, defence, and resistance
  • The use of spirits (like djinns in Golden Sun)
  • Strategic turn-based combat
  • Puzzle solving

One thing I’ve left out that I want to highlight specifically is the main character Ayara. She holds a connection with earth lives in a mountain town called Pocco with her brother. What stands out for me is her design: she’s a Black girl with a design based on Peruvian/Incan culture. That’s what I call subversion!

Lux Primora is still in production but I’ll be keeping my eye on developments. In the mean time, check out

(Shout out to r/Golden Sun for the heads up.)